April 19th
Shore Line Clean Up and Flag Retirement Ceremony with Boy Scout

April 25th
Shrimp Boil

May 24th
Tennessee Backroads Band

May 30th
Shrimp Boil

June 7th
The Kunckleheads Band

June 14th
Boat Class beginning at 9AM

June 21st

June 27th
Shrimp Boil

July 5th
Fireworks and First Avenue Band

July 12th
Boat Class

July 19th
Cornhole Tournament and The Knuckleheads Band

July 25th
Shrimp Boil

August 2nd
Legacy Band

August 16th
First Avenue Band

August 29th
Shrimp Boil

August 30th
Tennessee Back Roads Band

September 26th
Shrimp Boil

October 25th
Halloween Party with First Avenue Band